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Tag 4.0.0
Committed At 2021-02-13 17:06:57 UTC




    A simple to use charting library written in Elm. It visualizes data and helps you to understand it. Display beautiful charts and customize them in various ways.

    This software is still a alpha version. It might not work as expected and the API may change at any time. For a live example page, check out

    Currently it supports line charts, pie charts, bar charts, and stacked bar charts.


    Line Chart

    Watch your stocks reaching new heights. You can also hover the chart to get detailed information.

    Pie Chart

    The most ubiquitous chart with an amazing fan out animation. You can also explode certain sectors to highlight them.

    Bar Chart

    The right tool to display little data clearly arranged, but still appealing.

    Pie Chart

    Also available as a stacked variant to compare several series, while also keeping an eye on the combined values.

    Coming Soon

    Tag Cloud

    Need a short overview on whats hot or not? Then you might like the awesome tag cloud feature.

    Tag Cloud


    Is my video more popular in Asia or in Europe? It's never been easier to display the answer.


    There is nothing more convenient than a simple table to display exact values. Customize it to show just the relevant information.


    You want to integrate the pretty charts in your e-mails, presentations or e-books? No problem! Export them as SVG images!