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Tag 4.0.1
Committed At 2021-01-10 00:43:20 UTC



    SVG Path LowLevel

    A package for working with svg path syntax. This is a lowlevel package that provides freedom but little safety or convenience. It can

    • Convert svg path strings into an elm data type
    • Convert elm into svg path strings

    Parsing svg path strings

    This uses the [elm-tools/parser] package to parse the string and give nice error messages. The result (if no parse errors occur) is a list of subpaths, the core building block consisting of one move instruction and a (possibly empty) list of drawto instructions (like lineTo or quadraticCurveTo).

    import Path.LowLevel.Parser as PathParser
    parsed : Result (List Parser.DeadEnd) (List SubPath) 
    parsed = 
        PathParser.parse "M0,0 L10,10 10,15"

    Pretty-printing svg path strings

    This package can turn subpaths back into a string, with some options to make the output string a little smaller.

    myPath : List SubPath
    myPath =
        [ { moveto = MoveTo Relative ( 10, 20 )
          , drawtos =
                [ EllipticalArc Absolute
                    [ { radii = ( 25, 25 )
                    , xAxisRotate = -30
                    , arcFlag = SmallestArc
                    , direction = CounterClockwise
                    , target = ( 50, -25 )
    Path.LowLevel.toString myPath
        --> "m10,20 A25,25 -30 0 1 50,-25"

    Data structures

    I highly recommend you read the MDN article on svg paths. For some of the technical details, the spec is also helpful.

    The core abstraction is a SubPath, a moveto and a list of drawto instructions.

    {-| A subpath is a `MoveTo` followed by a list of `DrawTo`s
    type alias SubPath =
        { moveto : MoveTo, drawtos : List DrawTo }

    The instructions are custom types

    {-| MoveTo instructions move the cursor, but don't draw anything.
    type MoveTo
        = MoveTo Mode Coordinate
    {-| Constructors for DrawTo instructions
    type DrawTo
        = LineTo Mode (List Coordinate)
        | Horizontal Mode (List Float)
        | Vertical Mode (List Float)
        | CurveTo Mode (List ( Coordinate, Coordinate, Coordinate ))
        | SmoothCurveTo Mode (List ( Coordinate, Coordinate ))
        | QuadraticBezierCurveTo Mode (List ( Coordinate, Coordinate ))
        | SmoothQuadraticBezierCurveTo Mode (List Coordinate)
        | EllipticalArc Mode (List EllipticalArcArgument)
        | ClosePath