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Tag 2.0.2
Committed At 2019-02-18 14:17:50 UTC



    elm-html-string Build Status

    Write code resembling elm/html and serialize to either a string or actual HTML

    This package copies the entire API of elm/html, but adds 2 functions:

    • toHtml which serializes the resulting Html.String.Html msg node into a Html.Html msg node
    • toString which serializes the node into a String with optional indentation

    Two caveats:

    • You need to change your imports
    • It can't properly support lazy nodes since those can't be expressed in Elm

    Show me an example!

    import Html.String as Html exposing (Html)
    import Html.String.Attributes as Attr
    import Html.String.Events as Events
    type Msg = Increment | Decrement
    counter : Int -> Html Msg
    counter count =
            [ Attr.classList [ ( "below-zero" = count < 0 ), ( "counter" = True ) ] ]
            [ Html.button [ Events.onClick Decrement ] [ Html.text "-" ]
            , Html.text <| toString count
            , Html.button [ Events.onClick Increment ] [ Html.text "+" ]
    counterAsString : String
    counterAsString =
        Html.toString 2 <| counter -5
    {- Expected output:
        <div class="below-zero counter">

    Cool, anything else I should be aware of?


    • Event handlers are removed from the output.
    • Void elements ignore children (br, img, etc.)
    • Boolean properties are stripped from the output when False, and added as boolean properties when True. I.e. selected True will result in <someNode selected>.

    Alright, coolbeans

    Made with ❤️ and licensed under BSD-3. Fork me and send me some pull-requests!