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Tag 3.1.0
Committed At 2020-10-13 17:03:20 UTC



    TEA Combine

    A set of combinators for working with stateful (and effectful) components.

    Using this library you can do this:

    import Browser
    import CheckBox
    import Counter
    import Html
    import TeaCombine exposing (..)
    import TeaCombine.Pure.Pair exposing (..)
    main =
            { init =
                Counter.init 0
                    |> initWith (CheckBox.init False)
                    |> initWith (CheckBox.init False)
            , view =
                Html.div []
                    << (joinViews Counter.view CheckBox.view
                            |> withView CheckBox.view
            , update =
                    |> updateWith CheckBox.update
                    |> updateWith CheckBox.update

    and have an app that looks like this (image is clickable!):


    Examples (sources you can find here):

    • one with Pure combinators,
    • another pure but recursive,
    • one with Effectful combinators,
    • another effectful but recursive,
    • one with form & binding,
    • one with multi-page layout,
    • another multi-page one but with the state resetting on tab switch.