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Convert three-word addresses to latitude, longitude coordinates and vice-versa
version 1.0.0
license MIT
native-modules False
elm-version 0.18.0 <= v < 0.19.0
Tag 1.0.0
Committed At 2017-11-15 11:53:13 UTC
lukewestby/elm-http-builder 5.1.0 <= v < 6.0.0 5.2.0
elm-lang/http 1.0.0 <= v < 2.0.0 1.0.0
elm-lang/core 5.1.1 <= v < 6.0.0 5.1.1



Three Words in Elm

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what3words is the simplest way to talk about any precise location. This system has divided the world into a grid of three meters by three meters squares and assigned each one a unique address made of just 3 words. Now everyone and everywhere has a reliable address.

With this library, you can create HTTP requests that will convert three word addresses to latitude, longitude coordinates and vice-versa.

To use this library, you will need the core HTTP library and have an understanding on how to use Cmds.