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Committed At 2018-11-28 02:55:06 UTC



    Fork of Elm RFC5988 Parser

    A (presently woefully incomplete) parser for the upcoming RFC5988 replacement draft, written in Elm using elm-combine for DailyDrip.


    There are some examples in the test suite, but here's one:

      (parse rfc5988 "<>; rel=\"start\"")
      ( Ok { context = "", target = "", relationType = "start", targetAttributes = Dict.empty }
      , { input = "", position = 31 }


    There's a lot of stuff left to do here. Here's an almost-certainly-incomplete list:

    • [ ] Handle context at all (I think we want to just partially-apply one when parsing in the first place?)
    • [ ] Determine whether it makes any sense at all for relationType to have its own field.
    • [ ] Determine if we should add other similar fields, if that was reasonable.
    • [ ] There are almost certainly some fields that should have a Maybe type signature.
    • [ ] If there are two rel parameters, there's a very specific callout in the spec that we're supposed to follow that we almost certainly aren't (but they aren't supposed to have them either!)