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Tag 3.0.0
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    XML decoder, sharing the spirit of Json.Decode.

    Using jinjor/elm-xml-parser as its parser component.

    Related Works

    eeue56/elm-xml is an existing full-package XML parser/decoder for Elm, though I intend to provide an alternative XML decoder which exhibits following properties:

    • Provides Decoder-based APIs, sharing the spirit of Json.Decode
    • Also provides DSL-styled decoder compositions, sharing the sprits of Json.Decode.Pipeline
    • Handles list of XML node with identical tags, using ListDecoder type
    • Locates targeting XML nodes using "path" of tags, partially mimicking XPath



    import Xml.Decode exposing (..)
    type alias Data =
        { string : String
        , integers : List Int
    dataDecoder : Decoder Data
    dataDecoder =
        map2 Data
            (path [ "path", "to", "string", "value" ] (single string))
            (path [ "path", "to", "int", "values" ] (list int))
    run dataDecoder
    --> Ok { string = "SomeString", integers = [ 1, 2 ] }

    Pipeline Decoder compositions

    We have map, map2 and variants, though the Pipeline style is also possible:

    pipelineDecoder : Decoder Data
    pipelineDecoder =
        succeed Data
            |> requiredPath [ "path", "to", "string", "value" ] (single string)
            |> requiredPath [ "path", "to", "int", "values" ] (list int)


    Globally install Elm Platform, elm-test, and elm-verify-examples

    $ elm-test
    $ elm-verify-examples
    $ elm-verify-examples --elm-test=elm-test # Explicitly set elm-test to use, if particular elm-test version has some issues

    Benchmark: Are they efficient? Are they fast?

    (Not yet updated for Elm 0.19)

    Benchmark codes can be found in benchmarks/ directory.

    In Elm 0.18 (elm-xml-decode 1.x)

    Using BrianHicks/elm-benchmark and examples in W3School. Available here as a static web page.

    Sample result (on my MacBookPro early 2015):

    • CPU: Core i5 2.7GHz
    • Mem: DDR3 8GB 1867MHz
    • Google Chrome 63.0.3239.84 64bit


    jinjor/elm-xml-parser was using elm-tools/parser, which suffered from some performance issues at that time (possibly related to this comment?).

    Although decoding part should practically be fast enough (see decode result of note.xml and cd_catalog.xml).

    Looking forward to see similar benchmarks from other related works!!