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Tag 1.0.2
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    Generates HTTP request for XML API. Can be used with elm/http.

    Using ymtszw/elm-xml-decode for decoding XML response into Elm values.

    Basic Example

    import Http
    import Http.Xml
    import Xml.Decode exposing (..)
    type alias Data =
        { string : String
        , integers : List Int
    type Msg = XmlApiResponse (Result Http.Error Data)
    getXml : Cmd Msg
    getXml =
        Http.send XmlApiResponse <|
            Http.Xml.get "" dataDecoder
    dataDecoder : Decoder Data
    dataDecoder =
        map2 Data
            (path [ "path", "to", "string" ] (single string))
            (path [ "path", "to", "int", "list" ] (list int))