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Tag 2.2.3
Committed At 2019-11-12 16:00:05 UTC




    A pretty printing library based on 'A Prettier Printer' by Philip Wadler.

    This version follows Wadler's paper closely, but is actually ported from a Haskell implementation that is referred to as Wadler/Leijen. Leijen added Column and Nesting constructors in the document type, which make for easier and more flexible indentation.

    I have added the ability to have different ways of joining documents when placing them on the same line, or breaking them into multiple lines. When placed within a group , the usual line function will render as a line break or a space; the tightline will render as a line break or "". The separators function allows a string to be given that is placed between docs on the same line, or after the start of the line when placing on multiple lines - useful when rendering commas in a list at the start of the line.

    This implementation is usually sufficiently lazy and tail-recursive to perform well under Elm. Occassionally an exponential blow-up can happen if the softline function is not used carefully. Plase raise a GitHub issue on this if it is not performing well enough for you.