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    Helpers for working with Engage's DNN localization.

    To get started, decode an array of objects into a Localization value (which is just an alias for Dict String String).

    import Dict
    import Engage.Localization as Localization exposing (Localization)
    import Json.Decode as Decode
    localizationJson : String
    localizationJson = """
            { "key": "FirstName.Text", "value": "First Name:" },
            { "key": "LastName.Text", "value": "Last Name:" }
    myLocalization : Localization
    myLocalization =
        case localizationJson |> Decode.decodeString Localization.decoder of
            Ok localization ->
            Err _ ->
    type alias MyModel =
        { localization: Localization
    myModel : MyModel
    myModel = MyModel myLocalization
    Localization.localizeString "FirstName.Text" myModel
    --> "First Name:"