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module Engine.Render.Render where

{-| This module contains functions to render objects and scenes onto
a WebGL canvas context.

# Render Functions
@docs renderObject, render


import WebGL (Entity, entity, webgl)
import Graphics.Element (Element)

import Engine.Render.Renderable (Renderable)
import Engine.Scene.Scene (Scene)
import Engine.Shader.Uniform (constructUniform)
import Engine.Shader.Shader (constructVertexShader, constructFragmentShader)

import List (map)

{-| Function to render an object onto a scene. This function returns an
Entity object which is what the webgl function from the WebGL library requires
to draw anything onto a WebGL canvas context.

Note: This function is mainly used as a helper function to render.
renderObject : Scene -> Renderable -> Entity
renderObject scene object =
  entity (constructVertexShader   object.material.vertexShader)
         (constructFragmentShader object.material.fragmentShader)
         (constructUniform scene object)

{-| Function to render a scene to a WebGL canvas context. This function takes
in a Scene and returns the WebGL canvas context.

Note: The function renders only the objects in the objects list of the scene.
render : Scene -> Element
render scene =
  webgl (floor scene.viewport.dimensions.width, floor scene.viewport.dimensions.height) <|
    map (renderObject scene) scene.objects