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Tag 1.0.1
Committed At 2018-07-31 13:02:00 UTC



    This package contains some basic utilities for working with Float values in Elm. The current (very limited) API can be summed up by a few of the examples from the docs:

    import Float.Extra as Float
    Float.equalWithin 1e-6 1.9999 2.0001
    --> False
    Float.equalWithin 1e-3 1.9999 2.0001
    --> True
    Float.interpolateFrom 5 10 0.6
    --> 8
    Float.interpolateFrom 10 5 0.1
    --> 9.5

    Currently the only functions that have been implemented are ones that were needed by the elm-interval and elm-geometry packages, but I'm happy to consider pull requests for other generally-useful functionality. Please open a new issue before starting work, though, so we can discuss different approaches!