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Tag 3.0.0
Committed At 2018-11-09 08:56:04 UTC




    This library helps with validation of input forms and it's based on Enrico Buonanno lessons on

    Install package usually a way:

    elm install iodevs/elm-validate


    • see example directory in this repository
    • or as live demo



    • deleted isPositiveFloat, isPositiveInt functions and added isAtLeast, isAtMost, isGreaterThan, isLessThan, isRange functions to Validators
    • added invalidate function to Validation


    • Validation.preValidatedField : (val -> String) -> val -> Field String val (not preValidatedField : val -> Field String val anymore)
    • (|:) deleted and replaced applyValidity
    • (>&&) changed to composite


    There is a couple of changes:

    • for composing two Validators we use (>&&) instead of (>=>)
    • we added a few functions: isFloat, isPositiveFloat, isInList, isUrl, isValidField and preValidatedField
    • functions isNatural and isPositiveInt were refactored to isPositiveInt
    • name of function apply we rewrote on applyValidity