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Tag 4.0.0
Committed At 2019-01-07 01:59:54 UTC



    Morty API

    A library for interfacing with the Morty API. Morty is a time tracking system used by Bellroy (built originally by TrikeApps, who became part of Bellroy in late 2017).


    elm install tricycle/morty-api


    To retrieve details of a task:

    init : ( Model, Cmd Msg )
    init =
            taskParameters =
                        { mortyApiToken = "my api token"
                        , mortyHost = ""
                        , taskId = 234873
                        , msgType = MyApplicationMsg
            ( model, Cmd.batch [ MortyAPI.Command.getTaskCommand taskParameters ])

    Other operations available:

    • Get current user details (matching API token)
    • Search for tasks
    • Retrieve task details
    • Update a tasks details
    • Add an approach for a task
    • Retrieve the Kanban lanes for a specific user
    • Retrieve the Kanban lanes for a specific team
    • Retrieve all teams and their members