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Tag 1.0.1
Committed At 2018-08-27 12:42:46 UTC




    Pretty print JSON encoded as a String or as Json.Encode.Value with nesting indents.

    Useful for implementing JSON editors, where you want to format the JSON before initializing a <textarea>


    Take a string containing JSON and format it with 4 space indents.

    json = """{"name": "Arnold", "age": 70, "isStrong": true,"knownWeakness": null,"nicknames": ["Terminator", "The Governator"],"extra": {"foo": "bar","zap": {"cat": 1,"dog": 2},"transport": [[ "ford", "chevy" ],[ "TGV", "bullet train", "steam" ]]}}"""
    indent = 4
    Result.withDefault "" (Json.Print.prettyString indent json)
        "extra": {
            "transport": [
                    "bullet train",
            "zap": {
                "dog": 2,
                "cat": 1
            "foo": "bar"
        "nicknames": [
            "The Governator"
        "knownWeakness": null,
        "isStrong": true,
        "age": 70,
        "name": "Arnold"