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    Elm modules commonly used at BDT


    Examples can be viewed on github pages:

    Folder Structure

    The folder structure is pretty simple:

    • ./src: The library itself. It contains an elm.json file with type package.
    • ./demo: The Elm source for the demo shown above. It contains an elm.json file type application.
    • ./docs: The folder used by github pages. It contains an index.html file which pulls in the compiled demo in the ./docs/build folder.
    • ./tests: The tests of the library. Run elm-test from the root directory.
    • ./public: A simple symlink to docs. Its where most servers (including our dev server) are looking for your public files. Just a convenience symlink really.

    Compile the demo

    In order to compile the demo, navigate to ./demo and run ./live.

    Any changes to the demo will trigger the compiler to re-run.
    Any changes to the library itself will not be detected and you'll have to stop the ./live command and re-start it. @todo: Auto detect these changes.