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    billstclair/elm-websocket-framework package at

    A websocket-based client/server framework written almost entirely in Elm.

    This package is the client side. The server side is in billstclair/elm-websocket-framework-server.

    You design your protocol, write JSON encoders and decoders for it, the server logic to use it to transform state, and the client logic to provide a user interface, and this package does the rest.

    The server side depends on Node.js.

    For single-player use, and development, you can wrap your server-side code for client use, in elm-reactor if you want, then switch easily to using a real remote server.

    I have used this basic technology for both my Spokes and Archmage games. I made the Archmage version by copying and modifying the Spokes version. Now that I want a server for Zephyrnot and JSMaze, it's time to wrap it as a package, embodying my experience in a form everyone can use.

    See the README in the Example directory for instructions on building and running the examples.

    Happy Hacking!

    Bill St. Clair 31 March 2018