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Tag 5.0.1
Committed At 2019-09-15 17:54:17 UTC



    Elm Twitch Api

    Decoders and a few other helpers for using APIs.

    Partial coverage of the APIs I have used.

    • Includes most the Helix (new Twitch API).

    • Some additional decoders for unofficial hosts and clips APIS.

      fetchUserByNameUrl : String -> String fetchUserByNameUrl login = "" ++ login

      fetchUserByName : String -> Cmd Msg fetchUserByName login = Twitch.Helix.send <| { clientId = TwitchId.clientId , auth = Nothing , decoder = Twitch.Helix.Decode.users , tagger = User , url = (fetchUserByNameUrl login) }

    Example applications using this library: