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Tag 2.0.0
Committed At 2018-09-18 12:28:54 UTC




    Manage values that expire after a period of time.


    import Expirable exposing (Expirable)
    type alias Model =
        { toastMessages : List (Expirable String)
    type Msg
        = DecrementToastMessages Time.Posix
    initial : Model
    initial =
        { toastMessages =
            [ (Expirable.seconds 5) "Hi there"
            , (Expirable.seconds 30) "This goes longer"
    subscriptions : Model -> Sub Msg
    subscriptions model =
        Expirable.subscription DecrementToastMessages
    update : Msg -> Model -> ( Model, Cmd Msg )
    update msg model =
        case msg of
            DecrementToastMessages time ->
                ( { model
                    | toastMessages = Expirable.tickAll time model.toastMessages
                , Cmd.none


    To set up a working development environment, run:


    Ensure that this project's node_modules/.bin is at the beginning of your $PATH, ensuring that any local NPM packages have the highest priority.

    To ensure the package compiles:

    yarn build

    To run tests:

    yarn test


    See the LICENSE file.

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