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1.0.0 1.0.1
Wrapper for the Stripe Checkout.
version 2.0.0
license MIT
native-modules False
elm-version 0.18.0 <= v < 0.19.0
Tag 2.0.0
Committed At 2018-07-03 17:21:12 UTC
elm-lang/html 2.0.0 <= v < 3.0.0 2.0.0
elm-lang/core 5.1.1 <= v < 6.0.0 5.1.1




Wrapper for the Stripe Checkout embedded form. See this link for the official documentation


@docs Model Model is A simple structural type that contains all of the information passed as data-attributes to Stripe checkout script.

@docs checkout checkout is the function that, taking a model, returns the HTML configured with that model. It will be the "Pay with Card" button from the above linked tutorial.