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Tag 4.3.0
Committed At 2021-04-08 18:38:43 UTC




    This module exposes a nice drawing API that works on top of the the DOM canvas.

    Live examples (example sources)


    To use it, read the docs on the Canvas module, and remember to include the elm-canvas custom element script in your page before you initialize your Elm application.

    Then, you can add your HTML element like this:

    module Main exposing (main)
    import Canvas exposing (..)
    import Canvas.Settings exposing (..)
    import Color -- elm install avh4/elm-color
    import Html exposing (Html)
    import Html.Attributes exposing (style)
    view : Html msg
    view =
            width = 500
            height = 300
            Canvas.toHtml (width, height)
                [ style "border" "1px solid black" ]
                [ shapes [ fill Color.white ] [ rect (0, 0) width height ]
                , renderSquare
    renderSquare =
      shapes [ fill (Color.rgba 0 0 0 1) ]
          [ rect (0, 0) 100 50 ]
    main = view


    You can see many examples in the examples/ folder, and experience them live.

    Additionally, some of the examples were adapted to Elm using this package. They can be found in the Elm discourse thread.