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    UI Catalog for Elm applications built by elm-ui inspired by Storybook


    • UI Catalog that shows view functions for development with atomic design.
    • Pure Elm tool. Only elm install miyamoen/bibliopola.
    • Bibliopola make main Program, so you can use elm make or elm reactor, and so on.
    • Start to write single Elm file that has view finctions.

    How to Use

    See examples.

    git clone
    cd bibliopola
    elm reactor

    In browser, open http://localhost:8000, then go to examples folder.

    Hello, Bibliopola

    view that takes no arguments

    Open Hello.elm file.


    Your view function:

    view : Element msg
    view =
        text "Hello, Bibliopola"

    On top left corner, "Hello, Bibliopola" shows up.

    First of all, create a Book:

    book : Book
    book =
        bookWithFrontCover "Hello" view

    Book type requires view. bookWithFrontCover requires book title such as "Hello" and view that has type of Element. Bibliopola shows a front cover of book at first.

    Now, create main Program:

    main : Bibliopola.Program
    main =
        fromBook book

    First Bibliopola has been finished!

    note: a word of 'Bibliopola' means a book shop in Latin.

    Hello, your name

    view that takes one argument

    Open HelloYou.elm file.


    This book does not specify a front cover, then book icon shows up. To click, you can see "Hello, spam". You can select options with select box at the bottom of the screen.

    Your view function:

    view : String -> Element msg
    view name =
        text <| "Hello, " ++ name

    It takes one argument, String.

    book : Book
    book =
        intoBook "HelloYou" identity view -- : IntoBook msg (String -> Element msg)
            |> addStory ( "name" identity [ "spam", "egg", "ham" ]) -- : IntoBook msg (Element msg)
            |> buildBook -- : Book
            -- |> withFrontCover (view "Bibliopola") -- Add first view of Book

    IntoBook msg view type used for building Book. First argument of intoBook, String, is book title. Second argument, msg -> String, is for message logger. Last srgument is your view function.

    In Bibliopola, arguments of view is called Story. Story a type means that Story has list of type a and this list is options for argument of view function.

    At last, buildBook turns IntoBook to Book.