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1.0.0 1.0.1
CQRS Variant of Elm Architecture
version 1.0.1
license BSD3
native-modules False
elm-version 0.18.0 <= v < 0.19.0
Tag 1.0.2
Committed At 2016-12-09 00:23:15 UTC
elm-lang/navigation 2.0.1 <= v < 3.0.0 2.1.0
elm-lang/html 2.0.0 <= v < 3.0.0 2.0.0
elm-lang/core 5.0.0 <= v < 6.0.0 5.1.1




CQRS Variant of the Elm Architecture

Getting Started

To download and run the application you should be able to simply download the source from this repo, install the dependencies and then start the server.

Once started, navigate to http://localhost:8000 to browse the site

git clone

npm install

npm start

Read the Docs

To view docs for the application follow the script below and then upload the resulting docs.json here

npm run docs

Please review the Component Pattern to ensure structural conventions are kept consistent.