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Tag 4.0.0
Committed At 2018-09-24 09:53:44 UTC




    This is a simple collection of functions for working with the update function within the paradigm of a pipeline. It includes functions to recursively call update (including with a list of messages), update the model and add commands.

    update : Msg -> Model -> (Model, Cmd Msg)
    update msg model =
        case msg of
          DoSomething ->
              (model, Cmd.none)
                  |> Update.andThen (update DoSomethingElse)
                  |> Update.sequence [ DoAnotherThing, DoThatThing ]
                  |> Update.addCmd (log "I did all kinds of things"
                  |> Update.updateModel (\m -> { m | x = m.x + 1 }