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Deprecated in favor of danielnarey/elm-modular-ui
version 1.0.3
license BSD2
native-modules False
elm-version 0.18.0 <= v < 0.19.0
Tag 1.0.3
Committed At 2018-01-24 03:26:27 UTC
elm-lang/html 2.0.0 <= v < 3.0.0 2.0.0
elm-lang/core 5.0.0 <= v < 6.0.0 5.1.1



I created this package as an experiment to try to come up with a consistent way of handling errors when converting text input to an Int, Float, Bool, or custom type. The approach here turned out to be too cumbersome to apply in practice. I came up with a better solution for my Modular UI package, which was to incorporate error handling into constructor functions for input elements that capture numeric and custom values.