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Tag 4.2.0
Committed At 2019-04-30 18:59:26 UTC



    Colorbrewer colors

    This package provides the colors from inside elm. These colors as designed to be colorblind friendly as well as trying to let users be objected.

    There are three kind of color scheme types provided:


    sequential colors

    Sequential colors should be used for sequential data, aka. data which is in a certain range, like for example temperature between 0 and 30 degrees of celsius.

    Many plotting libraries and people use rainbow by default, which dramatically changes the objectivity of the shown data, see colorscheme presentation.


    diverging colors

    A differential color scheme should be used when you want to show differences to a common mean value. An example would be showing the difference in temperature in the US relative to the average temperature.


    qualitative colors

    Qualitative color schemes should be used

    Read more on betterfigures about the usage of color schemes when the particular entries are unrelated. An example would be recipe category background colors.


    • Figure out the best way to represent those numbers. Should they be Color objects themselves?
    • Figure out how to make it easy to provide multiple elements. A list always returns maybes
    • Write a demo which shows every color


    To work on this package please consider that the colors are autogenerated from generate.js. Please change this file and run make.