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Tag 2.4.0
Committed At 2020-03-18 22:57:35 UTC



    Convenience functions for working with Result

    result-extra Build Status

    This package contains convenience functions for working with the Result type.

    You may want to import this module directly into the Result namespace:

    import Result.Extra as Result

    Then you can use the included functions similarly to the Result module in elm/core. E.g., Result.singleton 5 or Result.isOk someResultValue.

    Feedback and contributions are very welcome.


    Pull requests are welcome. If you want to talk to us, join us on the #elm-community channel on the Elm Slack. You can reach the maintainer at @Lysergia on slack, or @prikhi on github.


    The source code for this package is released under the terms of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.