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    Elm's Html module constructs HTML nodes by asking you to provide, among other things, a list of HTML attributes. So, you might typically see something like:

        [ class "ui button primary"
        , onClick DoLogin
        [ text "Login" ]

    Sometimes it is convenient to build up the list of attributes through a series of computations. One can, of course, simply use functions that return lists of attributes and combine them together ... perhaps something like this:

        ( List.concat
            [ computation1 model
            , computation2 user
            , [ class "another-class"
              , style [("position", "absolute")]
        [ text "Login" ]

    And, in Elm 0.18, Elm does some things you might expect with this:

    • If you provide multiple "class" attributes, they get combined appropriately. (This wasn't the case in Elm 0.17, which was actually the original motivation for this package).

    • If you provide multiple "style" attributes, they are all used.

    However, sometimes you might want to build attributes up using types that give you some more fine-tuned control. That is the purpose of this package. It allows you to something like this:

    import Html.AttributeBuilder as AB
        |> AB.union (computation1 model)
        |> AB.union (computation2 user)
        |> AB.addClass "another-class"
        |> AB.removeClass "unwanted-class"
        |> AB.addStyle "position" "absolute"
        |> AB.toAttributes

    What you get at the end of such a pipeline is a List Html.Attribute, constructed in a way that you might enjoy.


    For the detailed API, see the Elm package site, or the links to the right, if you're already there.


    Try elm-package install Gizra/elm-attribute-builder


    Try something like:

    git clone
    cd elm-attribute-builder
    npm install
    npm test