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Tag 2.0.1
Committed At 2018-10-15 20:41:45 UTC




    CSV decoding, heavily inspired by url-parser.

    Note this library does not include an underlying CSV parser. It assumes you are using something like periodic/elm-csv or lovasoa/elm-csv to get from String to Csv, where Csv is:

    type alias Csv =
      { headers : List String
      , records : List (List String)

    This library gets you the rest of the way, to a list of your own types. It also collects errors together with the index of the record they occurred on.

    You can think of this as analogous to Json.Decode. It lets you declaratively convert data from an intermediate representation (Json.Value or Csv) into your own types.

    Basic usage

    Using periodic/elm-csv (which returns a Result (List String) Csv):

    Csv.parse rawData |> Csv.Decode.decode myDecoder

    Using lovasoa/elm-csv (which returns a plain Csv):

    Csv.parse rawData |> Csv.Decode.decodeCsv myDecoder

    You can define decoders based on field position or on header name. See examples in the docs.