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    Tools for managing validity and error state of data, e.g. from user input.

    To install

    $ elm install ericgj/elm-validation


    Basic usage for validation in an HTML form.

    view : Form -> Html Msg
    view form =
        div []
            [ input
                [ type_ "text"
                , value
                        |> Validation.toString identity
                , onInput
                    (Validation.validate isRequired
                        >> SetInput
            , div 
                [ class "error" ]
                [ text
                    (Validation.message form.input
                        |> Maybe.withDefault ""

    Combining validation of form fields to determine overall validity of a model. (For example, this could be used to determine if the submit button should be enabled on the form.)

    validateForm : Form -> ValidationResult Model
    validateForm form =
        Validation.valid Model
            |> Validation.andMap form.field1
            |> Validation.andMap form.field2

    See the Elm package for full usage docs.