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Tag 1.0.4
Committed At 2021-04-21 06:45:09 UTC




    Calculate trend lines and forecast based on seasonal data. The github-page shows a nice example chart. The chart was created with wuct/elm-charts.


    elm package install ggb/elm-trend


    Usage is straightforward:

    import Linear
    import Seasonal
    data = 
      [ 362, 385, 432, 341, 382, 409, ... ]
    -- Create linear trend function
    linearTrend = Linear.regression data
    -- Seasonal forecast
    period = 4
    forecastData = Seasonal.forecast period

    Take a look at example/SeasonalTest.elm for a more detailed example.


    Ideas for future development:

    • Implementing ARIMA
    • Multivariant regression and other regression types