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Tag 9.0.1
Committed At 2018-09-24 16:30:33 UTC




    Supports Bootstrap 3 and Elm 0.19


    Version 9.0.1 of elm-bootstrapify has not been tested with versions < Elm 0.19. If you have issues please open an issue on Github. If things are going smoothly with backwards compatibility, please open an issue with your versions and experience so I can update the Readme. Thank you!

    Previous Versions are available

    elm-bootstrapify <= 9.0.0 is compatible with previous version of elm. Please check the commit history for the corresponding versions.


    Elm-bootstrapify aims to elminate bootstrap styling rendering errors using precise type safety techniques.


    In the project directory type

    elm package install JeremyBellows/elm-bootstrapify


    module ExampleView exposing (..)
    import Bootstrap.Grid exposing (..)
    import Bootstrap.Wells exposing (..)
    import Html
    let view =
          column [ ExtraSmall Two, Small Two, Medium Four, Large Four ] [],
          column [ ExtraSmall Ten, Small Ten, Medium Eight, Large Eight ]
            well WellLarge []
              Html.h1 []
                Html.text "Hello World!"



    This library is still in development so the types and names of functions may change. Always be sure to perform a diff before upgrading!


    Before updating, it is recommended to perform a diff of the version you are attempting to merge and the version that is depended on.

    Navigate to root directory of your project and type

    elm-package diff JeremyBellows/elm-bootstrapify 2.0.1 9.0.1

    Be sure to replace 2.0.1 with the version of elm-bootstrapify that is depended on. Replace 9.0.1 with the version of elm-bootstrapify that you want to use.

    If the diff is desirable, then change the version number of elm-bootrapify in elm-package.json.

    It should look like

    "JeremyBellows/elm-bootstrapify": "9.0.0 <= v < 10.0.0",

    Execute the following command

    elm package install JeremyBellows/elm-bootstrapify

    For further reading, click here to be taken to the elm-package documentation.