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    Elm Narrative Engine

    A unique tool for telling interactive stories.


    • Context-based rule-matching system for immersive and responsive stories
    • Extremely flexible and extensible, see the sample stories below for examples!
    • Total separation of logic, presentation, and content
    • Data-driven and declarative
    • Designed to work with the Entity Component System pattern
    • Possible to integrate with other tools including visual editors and other game frameworks

    Sample Stories

    Play sample stories made with the Elm Narrative Engine

    Getting Started

    The Elm Narrative Engine is written in the Elm language, and is intended to be embedded in an Elm client app. If you are a developer, this allows for great customization.

    You can also get started by cloning as a template that you can modify to get going on your own story.

    The main story design happens by designing your rule sets, which look similar to this:

        rules =
           [ { interaction = with "River"
             , conditions =
                  [ currentLocationIs "Cottage"
                  , itemIsInInventory "Cape"
                  , itemIsInInventory "Basket of food"
             , changes =
                  [ moveTo "River"
                  , moveCharacterToLocation "Little Red Riding Hood" "River"
          -- etc

    See the full api and documentation for more details.

    I am also currently working on a visual editor that would allow non-developers to simply pick a theme and build their world and rules in a custom online text editor.

    Development blog

    Follow the development blog for more insights, tutorials, techniques, and information on further development of the engine and tooling.