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Tag 4.1.3
Committed At 2019-02-10 23:47:13 UTC



    Tachyons For Elm

    This basically allows Tachyons auto-completion to work in Elm.

    See the Tachyons Module on for more info.

    Working example

    This is the smallest possible program for working with this library.

    module Main exposing (..)
    import Tachyons exposing (classes, tachyons)
    import Tachyons.Classes exposing (f1, purple, pointer, b)
    import Html exposing (..)
    main =
        div [ classes [ f1, purple, pointer, b ] ]
            [ -- `tachyons.css` this should only be used for demo pourposes, it's better included as a cdn in HTML: 
              -- <link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
            , text "I'm Purple and big!"


    Helping out

    I use a JS script to generate my Tachyons classes. To do so as well do the following:

    npm install

    This will create Tachyons/Classes.elm, format it, and make sure it builds.


    • elm-format for formatting elm
    • prettier for formatting js. prettier --write scripts/file_name.js