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    elm-package CircleCI

    Extra expectations, fuzzers, testers and describers.

    elm package install ktonon/elm-test-extra

    Example: Describing JSON Decoders

    Write concise test for JSON decoders.

    Use the high level describeDecoder to quickly write tests that exercise a Json.Decode.Decoder. For example,

    describeDecoder "int"
      [ ( "", FailsToDecode )
      , ( "\"foo\"", FailsToDecode )
      , ( "1", DecodesTo 1 )
      , ( "1.5", FailsToDecode )
      , ( "\"this-will-fail\"", DecodesTo 5)

    In this example, the last test will fail, giving helpful feedback:

    ↓ int
    ✗ this-will-fail DecodesTo 5
    Expected input:
    to decode successfully, but instead it failed with message:
      Problem with the given value:
    Expecting an INT