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Tag 3.0.2
Committed At 2018-08-24 08:00:59 UTC



    elm-image-slider Build Status

    An image slider / slideshow / carousel component for Elm

    Try it out

    How to use it

    Install the package:

    elm-package install larribas/elm-image-slider

    The demo/Demo.elm file is a good example of how this component can be integrated into an Elm application. It demonstrates several recommended use patterns:

    • Managing the messages to open and close the Slider from the outer context
    • Using the abstract Model and Config to pass in a list of custom image types
    • Leveraging the caption function to display clickable links
    • Using the default, responsive sylesheet at styles/image-slider.css (warning: it's based on flexbox, so you might want to tweak it a bit if you have to code like it's 2014)
    • Assigning custom elements classes from the component's default styles so that they integrate nicely with the component's visualization


    Any contributions or feedback are welcome!