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Tag 6.0.0
Committed At 2018-08-21 17:21:35 UTC




    Chainable functions for building HTTP requests

    Need help? Join the #http-builder channel in the Elm Slack!

    import Http
    import HttpBuilder exposing (..)
    import Json.Decode as Decode
    import Json.Encode as Encode
    itemsDecoder : Decode.Decoder (List String)
    itemsDecoder =
        Decode.list Decode.string
    itemEncoder : String -> Encode.Value
    itemEncoder item =
            [ ("item", Encode.string item) ]
    handleRequestComplete : Result Http.Error (List String) -> Msg
    handleRequestComplete result =
        -- Handle the result
    {-| addItem will send a post request to
    `""` with the given JSON body, a
    custom header, and cookies included. It'll try to decode with `itemsDecoder`.
    addItem : String -> Cmd Msg
    addItem item = ""
            |> withQueryParams [ ("hello", "world") ]
            |> withHeader "X-My-Header" "Some Header Value"
            |> withJsonBody (itemEncoder item)
            |> withTimeout 10000
            |> withExpectJson itemsDecoder
            |> withCredentials
            |> send handleRequestComplete