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Tag 1.0.3
Committed At 2018-08-28 20:50:20 UTC



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    This library allows to escape html string and unescape named and numeric character references (e.g. >, >, &x3e;) to the corresponding unicode characters


    Escapes a string converting characters that could be used to inject XSS vectors ( At the moment we escape &, <, >, ", ', `, , !, @, $, %, (, ), =, +, {, }, [ and ]

    for example

    escape "&<>\"" == "&amp;&lt;&gt;&quot;"

    This could be useful to treat safely user input before sending it outside of ELM


    Unescapes a string, converting all named and numeric character references (e.g. >, >, &x3e;) to their corresponding unicode characters.

    for example

    unescape "&quot;&amp;&lt;&gt;" == "\"&<>"

    Since the virtual DOM displays a string exactly how it receives it, this function could be useful if a string with escaped characters is received from the outside and needs to be displayed correctly