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Tag 4.0.0
Committed At 2019-01-29 12:15:08 UTC




    A collection of helper functions for loading JSON data from a server using RemoteData.

    API Documentation

    There is an example for each of the functions in the module documentation.

    A simple full usage example can be found right here on this readme.


    RemoteData is a type representing the state of some remote server data. It looks like this:

    type RemoteData e a
        = NotAsked
        | Loading
        | Failure e
        | Success a

    In this package, we deal with the more specialized version of the type, called WebData:

    type alias WebData a =
        RemoteData Http.Error a

    This means the Failure case will always have an error from the elm-lang/http package.

    For more information, please refer to the package documentation for RemoteData.

    Example usage

    Using RemoteData.Http looks like this. Play with the code on Ellie.

    module Main exposing (..)
    import Html exposing (Html, button, text)
    import Html.Events exposing (onClick)
    import Json.Decode
    import RemoteData exposing (RemoteData(..), WebData)
    import RemoteData.Http
    {-| Store the data as a `WebData a` type in your model
    type alias Model =
        { cat : WebData Cat
    {-| Add a message with a `WebData a` parameter
    type Msg
        = HandleCatResponse (WebData Cat)
        | GetCat
    init : ( Model, Cmd Msg )
    init =
        ( { cat = NotAsked }
        , Cmd.none
    update : Msg -> Model -> ( Model, Cmd Msg )
    update msg model =
        case msg of
            HandleCatResponse data ->
                ( { model | cat = data }
                , Cmd.none
            GetCat ->
                ( { model | cat = Loading }
                , RemoteData.Http.get "/api/cats/1" HandleCatResponse catDecoder
    view : Model -> Html Msg
    view model =
        case of
            Loading ->
                text "Loading cat data, please stand by..."
            Success cat ->
                text ("Received cat: " ++ toString cat)
            Failure error ->
                text ("Oh noes, cat loading failed with error: " ++ toString error)
            NotAsked ->
                button [ onClick GetCat ] [ text "Get cat data from the server" ]
    main =
            { init = init
            , update = update
            , view = view
            , subscriptions = \_ -> Sub.none
    {- This stuff is just to make it compile...
    Replace with your real type and decoder.
    type alias Cat =
    catDecoder = "this isn't a real decoder"

    There is a function to make a command or a task for each of the HTTP verbs, and also the same with some additional configuration.

    Take a look at the module documentation.


    This is made by Ossi Hanhinen and licensed under BSD (3-clause).