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Tag 4.0.1
Committed At 2020-08-13 00:24:59 UTC



    QR Code

    QR Code encoding and rendering. Demo.

    Basic Usage

    import Html exposing (Html)
    import QRCode
    import Svg.Attributes as SvgA
    qrCodeView : String -> Html msg
    qrCodeView message =
        QRCode.fromString message
                    [ SvgA.width "100px"
                    , SvgA.height "100px"
            |> Result.withDefault (Html.text "Error while encoding to QRCode.")

    If you would like more functionalities, please open an issue on GitHub.


    Thank you Carolyn Eby, for creating this great tutorial on how QR Code works.

    Thank you Evan for bringing joy to the frontend.