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Tag 3.3.1
Committed At 2018-10-24 20:28:34 UTC




    A library for creating combined encoders and decoders for Json in Elm, allowing composition.

    With contributions from francescortiz

    module Test exposing (..)
    import Json.Decode as JD
    import JsonCodec as JC
    import Platform exposing (worker)
    type alias Test = { i : Int, b : Bool, f : Float, o : Maybe String, s : String }
    codec =
            |> JC.first  "i" .i
            |>   "b" JC.bool .b
            |>   "f" JC.float .f
            |> JC.option "o" (JC.nullable JC.string) .o Nothing
            |>   "s" JC.string .s
            |> JC.end
    x =
        JD.decodeString (JC.decoder codec)
            "{\"i\":3,\"b\":false,\"f\":3.14,\"s\":\"hi there\"}"
    y =
        JD.decodeString (JC.decoder codec)
            "{\"i\":3,\"b\":false,\"f\":3.14,\"o\":\"hi\",\"s\":\"hi there\"}"