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Tag 2.0.3
Committed At 2018-09-06 12:11:50 UTC



    Trie implementation

    Copyright (c) 2015 Robin Luiten An implementation of a Trie data structure. A Trie is an ordered tree data structure that is used to store a dynamic set or associative array where the keys are usually strings. In this implementation the keys are strings. As of Sunday 2015/12/27 Json encoder and decoder have been added to this package. To improve Encoder and Decoer parts of data model have changed. Have also removed exposing the Constructors of Trie, they were accidently exposed previously, hope this is not a big problem for anyone, it was intended to be an opaque type.


    This uses elm-test for testing so install it if you dont have it. To see tests look at TrieTest.elm and TrieCodecTests.elm in tests folder.

    • npm install -g elm-test To run Tests
    • elm-test Copyright (c) 2015 Robin Luiten