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Run elm-test suites in a Node.js CLI. Get it with npm install -g elm-test
version 3.0.1
license BSD-3-Clause
native-modules False
elm-version 0.18.0 <= v < 0.19.0
Tag 3.0.1
Committed At 2016-11-03 18:49:12 UTC
mgold/elm-random-pcg 4.0.2 <= v < 5.0.0 4.0.2
elm-lang/core 5.0.0 <= v < 6.0.0 5.1.1
elm-community/json-extra 2.0.0 <= v < 3.0.0 2.7.0
elm-community/elm-test 3.0.0 <= v < 4.0.0 3.1.0


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Runs elm-test suites from Node.js


npm install -g elm-test


elm-test init  # Adds the elm-test dependency and creates Main.elm and Tests.elm
elm-test       # Runs the tests

Then add your tests to Tests.elm.


The --compiler flag can be used to use a version of the Elm compiler that has not been install globally.

npm install elm
elm-test --compiler ./node_modules/.bin/elm-make

Travis CI

If you want to run your tests on Travis CI, here's a good starter .travis.yml:

language: node_js
  - "5"
  - npm install -g elm
  - npm install -g elm-test
  - elm-package install -y
  - pushd tests && elm-package install -y && popd
  - elm-test