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Tag 2.0.3
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    This package exports a simple, optionally interactive piano component for the Elm programming language. You can use it to create music aplications or similar.

    The package itself does not handle any sound or other side effect, so the component's only function is only to render an object that looks like a piano and select which key to appear to be pressed. Also it has an experimental, not fully functional interactive mode so the keys the user clicks are markerd as pressed.

    If you want to see examples of how to use it to generate sound you should check the example programs that use a MIDI.js port lo do it.

    Documentation and examples

    The documentation of this package is available on

    Example 1: Show the notes of a MIDI file

    Example 2: Interactive keyboard with sound. Has some UI issues.


    The HTML and CSS of the piano is based on michaelmp/js-piano