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Tag 3.0.5
Committed At 2020-01-14 16:35:58 UTC



    Deprecated See the-sett/elm-auth for a newer authentication API with multiple implementations.


    Elm auth module for interacting with the-sett/auth-service.

    This is unlikely to be useful to you directly, but you may find a nice example here showing how a re-usable authentication package can be structured.

    The idea here is to capture the interaction with an authentication API as an Elm package and to present that as a simpler API that applications need authentication can make use of. The core of the API is the authentication commands, which are:

    login : Credentials -> Cmd Msg
    refresh : Cmd Msg
    logout : Cmd Msg
    unauthed : Cmd Msg

    The commands yield messages that must be given to its update function which has this signature and related types:

    type Status
        = Failed
        | LoggedOut
        | LoggedIn
            { scopes : List String
            , subject : String
    update : Msg -> Model -> ( Model, Cmd Msg, Maybe Status )

    That is, each message will update the internal model, and may produce a change to the current authentication status.