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    Experimental protobuf plugin generating elm code to decode/encode Proto3/JSON from proto definitions.

    The plugin itself is written in Go, and it requires the base protoc protobuf compiler to be installed on the system.

    For a sample generated output file, see Repeated.elm.

    Supported features

    • [x] double/float fields
    • [x] int32/int64/uint32/uint64/sint32/sint64/fixed32/fixed64/sfixed32/sfixed64 fields
    • [x] bool fields
    • [x] string fields
    • [ ] bytes fields
    • [x] message fields
    • [x] enum fields
    • [x] imports
    • [x] nested types
    • [ ] Any type
    • [x] Timestamp type
    • [ ] Duration type
    • [ ] Struct type
    • [x] wrapper types
    • [ ] FieldMask type
    • [ ] ListValue type
    • [ ] Value type
    • [ ] NullValue type
    • [x] oneof
    • [ ] map
    • [ ] packages
    • [ ] options

    How to install


    The simplest way to install the plugin is to download a pre-compiled binary from , then unpack it and copy or move the protoc-gen-elm binary somewhere in your $PATH.

    From source

    • Make sure that you have a Go environment correctly set up, and that $GOPATH/bin is included in your $PATH. See for info.

    • Install a recent protoc compiler version from (it must have support for proto3 format).

    • Obtain the protoc-gen-elm binary using go get:

      go get

    How to run

    Run the protoc compiler specifying the --elm_out flag:

    protoc --elm_out=. *.proto

    protoc will automatically detect the protoc-gen-elm binary from your $PATH and use it to generate the output elm code.

    Then, in your project, add a dependency on the runtime library:

    elm package install tiziano88/elm-protobuf