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combinators for pretty printing based on available width
version 1.0.0
license BSD3
native-modules False
elm-version 0.16.0 <= v < 0.17.0
Tag 1.0.1
Committed At 2015-12-05 09:48:46 UTC
evancz/elm-html 4.0.2 <= v < 5.0.0 4.0.2
elm-lang/core 3.0.0 <= v < 4.0.0 3.0.0


Elm Pretty Printer

An Elm implementation of the pretty printing library described in Phil Wadler's paper "A Prettier Printer".


Combinators here allow you to specify how a tree gets turned into text (you can choose HTML with custom attributes, or a simple string). You can

  • specify indentation with nest
  • use group to specify that a subtree should be on one line if it fits in the given width, or should have newlines if it doesn't.

Documentation is currently lacking; see Example.elm (pictured above) for usage, or the Wadler paper for description of the combinators.

This needs some optimization — a node with 10 children is quite slow to render on window resize in the example!