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Tag 10.0.1
Committed At 2021-03-02 15:46:24 UTC




    ANSI text stream handling for Elm.


    Parsing a string of ANSI console output

    The Ansi.parse function returns a list of Ansi.Action types which can be used for interpreting escape sequences:

    > Ansi.parse "\u{001b}[1;32mhello\u{001b}[0m"
    [SetBold True,SetForeground (Just Green),Print "hello",SetForeground Nothing,SetBackground Nothing,SetBold False,SetFaint False,SetItalic False,SetUnderline False,SetBlink False,SetInverted False,SetFraktur False,SetFramed False]
        : List Ansi.Action

    The Ansi.parseInto function calls a helper function while parsing to avoid the intermediate data structure.

    Rendering ANSI console output as HTML

    The Ansi.Log module provides a component for incrementally parsing String chunks and maintaining a Model that can be rendered as HTML.

    It exports the usual init, update, view along with Model and other types to assist with rendering, should you want to bring your own view function. A viewLine function is also exported should you want to re-use that aspect within your own view.