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Tag 5.0.1
Committed At 2019-10-24 13:32:41 UTC




    Slides is an awesome Elm presentation framework, inspired by reveal.js.

    See it running.

    import Slides exposing (..)
    main =
        [ md
            # A markdown slide
            _stuff follows..._
        , mdFragments
            [ "Another slide with three fragments"
            , "This appears later"
            , "And this even later"

    Slides is customizable and, since it follows the Elm Architecture, can be used like any other Elm component.


    By default, a Slides app will respond to these controls:

    • Click on window bottom or right: Next slide

    • Click on window top or left: Previous slide

    • D, L, Arrow Right, Enter and Spacebar: Next slide/fragment

    • A, H, Arrow Left: Previous slide/fragment

    • Home: First slide

    • End: Last slide

    • P: pause animation (useful for debugging custom animations)

    Style customisation

    This is the DOM structure for your custom CSS:

                section /* one per slide */
                    .slide-content /* useful for padding */


    Add more built-in slide and fragment animations.

    Add more ready-to-use CSS themes.

    Add support for touch/gestures.