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    A StorageKey represents a value that is either New or Existing.

    Lets take for example an Article. It will have a unique Id, and the article record itself. How would we distinguish between an existing Article (one that was fetched from the backend) vs a new one, while still having type safety?

    Here is how this package helps along with this pattern.

    -- It's like EveryDict, only it will maintain the order as-well.
    import EveryDictList
    type alias Article =
        { label : String
        , body : String
    {-| The Article ID is type safe.
    type ArticleId
        = ArticleId Int
    {-| We wrap the `ArticleId` with the `StorageKey`.
    type alias StorageKeyArticle =
        StorageKey ArticleId
    type alias EveryDictListArticles =
        EveryDictList StorageKeyArticle Article
    type alias Person =
        { name : String
        , articles : EveryDictListArticles


    elm-package install Gizra/elm-storage-key


    Install package: npm install -g elm-test

    Execute tests: ./execute-tests